Maeshowe – a solo review

Do not disturb the dead, lest you feel their wrath… that is certainly what is going through your mind, having broken into the Maeshowe tomb and finding yourself blocked in. Where to go? What to do? How to dig a way out without losing your wits on the way? It’s up to you if you want to fade away into history, or if you will live to tell your own tale.

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Bullet (heart) – a solo review

Bang bang – I shot you down / bang bang – you hit the ground / bang bang – that awful sound / bang bang – I shot my baby down. // Now you only need to ask yourself one question – will you be the successful bullet-dodging Neo, or will you be Nancy Sinatra’s hapless victim?

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Unbroken – a solo review

Your adventuring party has been killed. They tried to do the same to you, but you managed to escape – wounded, hurt, and emotionally scarred. The only thing to get away unscathed is your determination to avenge your friends and the desire to see daylight again. This dungeon did its best to hurt you, but will you emerge unbroken?

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Veilwraith – a solo review

As the Overlord’s minions overthrew the Sprawl, in the distance a cacophony of discordant tones took control of every living being – shattering their eardrums or whatever they used for hearing. And then came the Rending, and the world and all colors in it ended. Welcome to the monochrome world of Veilwraith.

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Ausonia – a solo review

Times used to be so simple, until the zombies showed up. In the face of a rising threat, all kinds of Italian factions are preparing a power play to make their influence known throughout the land that is now known as Ausonia. With the church doing the same, you and other aspirants are looking for ways to make it to the top of the managerial food chain.

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Beyond the Rift – a Kickstarter preview

After the events of Perdition’s Mouth, an old army friend of Bastian has asked you and your companions to help with an Orc threat harassing a village to the East. Travel into the mountains to discover countless riches and find out the true nature of the cult and the corruption that lays at the heart of the Elven Realms.

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Orc wizard – an opinion piece

Many of you may not know I’m a professional writer by trade. My first ‘real’ job was working as an editor for a local newspaper. This newspaper has allowed me to grow and develop my skills as a writer. One of the things I started doing over the years was writing a monthly (or at least I tried to have one every month) piece about whatever it was that occupied my mind. While I now work somewhere else, these pieces I continue to write. To get things off my chest, to chime in on a hot topic – to put my thoughts into words onto a screen and onto paper. Today I am sharing my latest piece. In it, I take the example of stereotypes in games like Dungeons & Dragons and talk about inclusion, which is (or should be) a primary motive to change things. Why change? Because it helps make the world a better place for more people.

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Top 10 most anticipated games for 2021

With the year halfway done it’s time to make up the balance – not of what has passed but at what lies ahead. Here are my top 10 games I look forward to for the rest of the year! 

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Altar Quest – a solo review

Dungeons are no place for a picknick. The dungeons or Aridika are no different. While their layout may evoke feelings of nostalgia, its villains and threats are very current indeed. Still, adventurers gonna adventure, and crawlers gonna crawl. Priceless treasures, powerful rune magick and ancient foes await you. So into the dungeon we go!

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Cthulhu: Death May Die – a solo review

I generally despise action-packed blockbuster movies, but I wouldn’t turn down a chance to star in one. If you feel the same, then Cthulhu: Death May Die is the game for you. It’s beer and pretzels instead of wine and French cheese; it’s the action-filled pulp flick instead of a cultivated project with witty dialogue and deeper meaning. There is no deeper meaning here – it’s all about hitting the ground running until either your team or the Old One is D-E-A-D-dead. Sometimes that’s all you need – saving the multiverse, one cliche horror trope at a time.

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