Gaming insights after a month off

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They say that people think too much if they’ve got too much time on their hands. Well, after a month off, suffice to say I had enough time to do some thinking. This is all that came to mind. Continue reading Gaming insights after a month off


My incoming Kickstarters

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Imagine this – it’s Christmas morning. Excited you rush down the stairs to see what Santa gave you this year. That’s strange – instead of the expected pile of presents, you just find a single envelope. With a skeptical facial expression, you open it. ‘Dear boy, I’m happy to announce you will be getting a great new boardgame! It has exclusive content, metal coins, an add-on and pre-painted miniatures! The expected delivery will be Christmas next year. Merry Christmas! Kind regards, Santa.’ You slowly collapse, dazed and confused. ‘Was I not a good boy this year?’ Continue reading My incoming Kickstarters

Mint Delivery – a solo review

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“You’re running late, Justin! Sonic is already on his way!” There’s never a quiet day in Mintopia, the wonderful world where currency is minty fresh (although sometimes it tastes like cinnamon and sometimes they’re sugar free). Basically, everything is. Each day, drivers compete against each other to fulfill the most orders, all for that illustrious title: Employee of the Month.  Continue reading Mint Delivery – a solo review

Prejudices about solo gamers

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First, there was the decision to only post board game images on my Instagram page. Then came the name-change on Instagram: from my personal nickname Stidjen to Stidjenplayssolo. Then there was this blog, the logo, and content dedicated to solo gamers like me. Todays blog is for those of you who have gotten the same questions as I do, questions derived from prejudices about solo gaming.  Continue reading Prejudices about solo gamers

Scythe – a solo (Automa) review

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The year is… wait, that doesn’t matter. The Great War is over and we are rebuilding. Everyone is starting over, trying to forget the horrors that happened. Surely humanity will never stoop so low ever again. We are forging our great faction from the ashes of lost nation. We have new technology – these so-called ‘mechs’ – given to our leader Gunther by the great Nicola Tesla. I am sure Gunther will re-establish our faction as one of the world’s greatest. I am sure Gunther will find Tesla – who went missing – and together they will forge the remains of Europe into a single unity. Surely everyone will see this is for the best! Continue reading Scythe – a solo (Automa) review

Self development through games


Humans are herd animals who, more often than not, judge themselves by how they compare to others. When it comes to work, for example. Our job is our primary activity during the day. Since it’s our biggest time commitment, the next logical step seems to be that if we want to grow as a person, we should use our work to do so. Or do we? Today, I would like to discuss how I use boardgames to grow, and express myself. Continue reading Self development through games

How to play solo


There comes a time in every mans life where he must make do with what he has, where he has to engage in an otherwise social activity all by himself. We see the football player kicking the ball against a wall or into an empty goal; we see the table tennis player with half of the table in upright position – and we see the boardgamer, standing in front of his shelves, thinking about how he can play a game all by himself.  Continue reading How to play solo