Starship Captains – a solo review

Ahoy, Cap’n! Here’s a fresh batch of cadets for you to train into the mold of space <insert interstellar job opportunity here>! Whether they be pirates, engineers, gatherers, or conquerors, space is a big pie with a slice for everyone. Hoist your space sails and set out to conquer the galaxy! Or shoot space pirates, gather artifacts, do politics on a galactic level – whatever floats your, eh, space boat?

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Eleven – a solo review

When the final whistle blows, the game is over – that’s when the real powers that determine the success of a football club come into play. Board meetings, stadium maintenance, team expansion, player training, and attracting sponsors; they’re all activities that remain mostly in the shadows, while in fact, they are the spotlights that allow your team to shine. This is your stage; your time to act.

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My most anticipated games of 2023

After my recent top 10 of 2022, it’s time to look ahead to what 2023 will bring when it comes to gaming. I looked at all the games that are on their merry way to me and figured I might as well make a top 10 out of it. So here we go!

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White Hat – a solo review

The malevolent hacker is a thing of the past – he took of his black hat and donned a white one. Hacking is a powerful force, which can be used for both good and bad. As its powers and accompanying responsibilities dawn upon you, can you do what it takes to be the ethical good guy – the White Hat?

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My most played games of 2022

Just like last year, December is the month of looking back on the games played that year. So just like last year, I’m presenting you my top 10 most played games – with some games at the same number of plays, you’re getting 14 games this time. Let’s hop to it!

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Hoplomachus Remastered – a solo review

Gladiators are only as strong as their last battle, their reputations no stronger than their latest victory. You, too, know the smell of sweat and sand; the taste of blood as cold steel clashes with hardened flesh and snapping bones. In the arena, heroes are forged; stories are created under the silent gaze of the crowd. A stoic judge with thousands of faces; a catalyst to unleash your true potential. You step into the arena once more, proclaiming: ‘Are you not entertained?’

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Cascadia – a solo review

Oh, nature; you never cease to amaze us. The landscape changes around you – all of a sudden, a hexagonal habitat drops out of the clear sky, sometimes immediately populated by various types of wildlife. Nature works in mysterious ways – except in Cascadia, where you get to play the maker!

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The Guild of Merchant Explorers – a solo review

Your empire has grown so large and so unwieldy that no one is really sure what’s still there anymore. Therefore the queen has decreed the re-exploration of lost corners of the empire, to re-establish trade routes, and to reinvigorate the glory of the empire. You guessed it – this innocuous task has landed firmly on your shoulders.

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Paperback Adventures – a solo review

Bar death, writer’s block is the single most pernicious thing to happen to a writer. Nothing is more frustrating than hovering over a blank page, waiting for the words to mysteriously appear against better judgement. What would happen if this otherwise passive occurrence would manifest itself into monsters of various shapes and sizes? It would almost force you to weaponize your creativity!

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The Siege of Runedar – a solo review

Was it greed that led us here? Did pride keep us here? Our world keeps getting smaller – the skies blackened by the smoke and soot of our enemies, their encampments increasing and nearing. The time that they were but blips on the horizon seems as long gone as the last decent meal we’ve had. But we are not to be trifled with! We are dwarfs, proud and stout, and we always find a solution – especially one that involves doing what we do best; digging.

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