My top 10 games for 2019


You wake up and go downstairs for breakfast. You download some sandwiches, pet your electronic dog and get in your hover-car to work, reading traffic information on your glasses. At the office, the doors open as you approach – they recognise your heartbeat. You are personally greeted by the building’s operating system as it finds you a vacant spot for you to start work at your custom holographic screen. The future is now! Welcome to 2019! Continue reading My top 10 games for 2019


Legendary Encounters: Alien – a solo review

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Space was never supposed to be this easy. The silence is ominous, almost deafening. There is a tangible fear in the air. Every heartbeat feels like a strike of thunder; every breath you take a tornado. Sweat glistens on your brow, increasing with every step you take. You have seen nor heard anything that could even remotely threaten this routine spaceship voyage, yet you can’t shake the feeling that every step could be your- AAAaaaRGHhhh – GRMM… uhhh… *gurgling noises* *THUD* [End of transmission] Continue reading Legendary Encounters: Alien – a solo review

2018 gift guide for solo gamers

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‘He really likes board games, maybe we should just get him Risk or something.’ Some people are near impossible to shop for. Whether it’s for their birthday or for the holidays, sometimes you can’t come up with anything but a pair of socks and an online retailer gift card. I happen to be one of those persons. If you happen to be hard to buy for too, or if you would like to start getting into solo gaming, then please take a look at my solo gamers gift guide. Or better yet, pass this guide along to the person(s) who have to buy you a gift. I promise you won’t be sorry. Continue reading 2018 gift guide for solo gamers

New games: Spellenspektakel 2018

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Years nowadays have an extra day of Christmas for me. It’s not the day before or the day after Christmas; it’s Saturday in the second weekend of November. On that day, I visit the Spellenspektakel and it’s starting to become a tradition for me. This year, with a bag full of games that were about to be traded away in a Math Trade, my girlfriend and me headed out to Eindhoven for the biggest board gaming convention of the Netherlands. Curious to see what nine (!) games I picked up? Then please, indulge yourself below. Continue reading New games: Spellenspektakel 2018

Favorite mechanics: deckbuilding

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You know the evils that lurk ahead. You know what you need to beat the big bad guy. How will you pave your path to the final confrontation? Will you succumb to greed before you even get there? Or will you be able to survive until the end, confident that you played the game like you needed to, ready to face up to your final adversary? This is favorite game mechanics: deckbuilding. Continue reading Favorite mechanics: deckbuilding

Robinson Crusoe – a solo review


Dawn breaks. Tender sunbeams stroke your face as you open your eyes. Hmm… when you went to sleep, your body and clothes weren’t wet. Come to think of it, you can’t exactly remember falling asleep either. Was it voluntary? Not sure. Your body hurts as you get up. That’s not a bed, that’s… sand? Looking around, you see the remnants of your ship scattered around you on this beach. You’ve got some work to do, sailor.  Continue reading Robinson Crusoe – a solo review

Gaming insights after a month off

Month off cover photo

They say that people think too much if they’ve got too much time on their hands. Well, after a month off, suffice to say I had enough time to do some thinking. This is all that came to mind. Continue reading Gaming insights after a month off