Stidjen’s Sitdown – with Mark Dainty

If you’re a solo gamer and you’re a member of the Solo Board Gamer Group on Facebook you have probably heard of Mark Dainty. He burst onto the scene about a year ago with a YouTube channel called Not Bored Gaming, dedicated to board game reviews. Mark displays a real sense of genuine appreciation and he really takes the time to thoroughly get across his opinion in his reviews. I’m glad he was also able to take the time to answer some of my questions.

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Deck of Wonders – a Kickstarter preview

I have often lamented about the breakdown of my MTG group, and my plays of the game as a direct result. When Dennis of Furia Games approached me to preview Deck of Wonders I was skeptical about how a solo-only game could capture that Magic feeling. Well, I’m glad this game proved me wrong – but honestly, they had me at ‘solo MTG‘.

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Aerion – a solo review

Little is known about the Oniverse. Our first research into this dreamlike world showed us nightmares, doors and demons, but ever since we are slowly piercing together more of this ethereal sphere – we’ve seen castles, forests and boats. Just when you’d have thought you have seen it all, last year was the first sighting of airborne Oniverse contraptions – let’s see what our research yields as we try to replicate their construction.

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Aeon’s End: The New Age – a solo review (revisited)

The town of Gravehold is not what it used to be. The old heroes are dead, as are most of their Nemeses. Still, evil lingers and will not be put down so easily. A new time is dawning, a new age – with new heroes, new nemeses, and a new Gravehold that’s again in dire need of saving. Will you step up and join the expedition?

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The thing about Chip Theory Games

What if I told you there are board and card games you could play under water? No, seriously – don’t click away, it’s actually true! Chip Theory Games is a board game company that puts component quality right up there with enthralling gameplay. Neoprene game mats, custom dice, high quality poker chips, PVC cards… it’s all there. But does gameplay match up with component quality? And what’s my ‘thing’ with this company all of a sudden? Make yourself comfortable and read along.

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Why I sold… Marvel Champions

Back when it was announced last year, Marvel Champions looks like it had all the bling to get me hooked. Its theme was accessible, I didn’t have to start behind on years of content, and the game play was easy to get into with one-ofs instead of a campaign. Marvel Champions hit all the Magic checkmarks and why I loved that game years ago. Yet Marvel Champions had been resting for over two months on my shelves, unplayed and without any desire to, before I decided to sell it. Here’s why.

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Shadows of Kilforth – a solo review

Gloom turns into shadows, ever elongating their reach on lands fraught with increasing despair and darkness. You thought the world of Kilforth was saved, but darkness is more persistent than you thought. Maybe this world is doomed after all… but would you be able to live with yourself if you didn’t at least try to save it?

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The thing about Mindclash Games

The so-called euro games are often acclaimed for their refined strategic simulations full of resource management and action selection, while often being scoffed at for lacking any significant theme to speak of. Imagine if these heavy thinky games weren’t dry but instead adopted its theme and built upon it. Look no further – heavy, thematic games are Mindclash Games’ primary motif.

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Legacy of Dragonholt – a solo review

Your friend Celyse needs your help! She has enlisted your help, but she has done so in a way not like her at all – in a letter full of spelling errors. That’s suspicious coming from a renowned scholar, to say the least! What has happened? And how can you help? But first, you’ll need to figure out for yourself who you are. How will you immerse yourself in the world of Terrinoth? Open the books of Legacy of Dragonholt and start writing your story.

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Roll Player: Monsters and Minions – a solo review

You didn’t think you were there, did you? Being prepared for adventure is, well, only the half of it, really. Whether you are a fierce gnome warrior, a tricksy dark elf thief or a bloodthirsty vampire – at the end of the day, your skills mean nothing if you cannot employ them. You’re like a beautiful painting without eyes to behold it. You are made for adventure and glory, so go out there and have some!

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