Pasaraya – a solo review

Stidjen Plays Solo Pasaraya 1.png

Just another day at the office. Or rather, the store. Your store. Your supermarket. Another day of buying products, employing people, and selling goods to happy customers. It’s the same every day – the supermarket is the centerpiece of capitalism. Still, you’re more than happy to play your part in the greater scheme of things. At least the people are smiling when they leave the store. It doesn’t matter that your smile is the brightest at the end of the day. Every day is a good day. Tomorrow they’ll be back for more. That’s how things work!

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The chord Space Hulk struck with me

Stidjen Plays Solo SHDA Chord 1.png

“Space Marines, to me!” shouts Sergeant Lorenzo from among a hungry horde of Genestealers. They are on him and unless you do something, that cry for help will be the last voluntary sound Lorenzo has ever made – apart from the tearing of his flesh and the snapping of his bones. You have to think this through, but you don’t have the time. Should we just ignore the Sergeant? We’re so close now… Continue reading The chord Space Hulk struck with me

Pocket Landship – a solo preview

Pocket Landship Stidjen Plays Solo 1.png

Back in the day, tanks were called landships. In the alternate steampunk future of Pocket Landship, people call tanks landships again and those infernal machines still shoot at each other. With just a few cards and a few dice, what we have here is a game that truly deserves the ‘pocket’ nomer.  Continue reading Pocket Landship – a solo preview

Chai – a solo review

Chai solo review Stidjen.png

Whenever I need a moment for myself, I like to make myself a nice cup of tea. It creates a moment, in and of itself: just me, enjoying my tea, nothing else. The game of Chai is just like that relaxing cup of tea – just you and the game. Enjoy the moment, before you know it it’s over! And you’ll want some more. Continue reading Chai – a solo review

Why do we play heavy games?

Why do we play heavy games.png

We all know ’em – the heavy games like Gaia Project and Spirit Island, burying you under decision trees and analysis paralysis. Or what about the heavy wargames and campaign games, like Gloomhaven, that come with their own fare share of rulebooks, appendices and FAQ’s? Why would we devote so much in-game time to thinking, and why do we do so much reading before having even unpunched a game? In other words – what is it that attracts us to these heavy games?  Continue reading Why do we play heavy games?

Terraforming Mars – a solo review

Schermafbeelding 2019-02-12 om 20.53.32.png

Gentlemen, start your engines! It is time to partake in the greatest venture the human race has ever endeavoured, the biggest voyage yet. You can embark upon this very journey; you can partake in this most prestigious project. Our planet is dying, so let’s do the planetary hop – and start Terraforming Mars. Continue reading Terraforming Mars – a solo review

Viticulture – a solo (Automa) review

Viticulture review on Stidjen Plays Solo.png

The landscape of Tuscany stretches our before you – well, at least until it meets the hills in the distance. You can see your fields, where future capital grows. You can see the fields of your neighbors, too, knowing they see the same future capital that you see. Sipping your cabernet sauvignon wine, you feel confident that you will reach that capital before they will – and before Mama and Papa have to step in.  Continue reading Viticulture – a solo (Automa) review