My top 5 video game influences

Great experiences make for fond memories; likewise, what you once enjoyed may be the reason you enjoy certain things you still enjoy to this day. I used to be video gamer first, board gamer second; the roles have reversed, but there’s still a lot to learn from what I liked in my video games backt then and what I like in board games today.

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Stidjen’s addendum – Heroes of Terrinoth edition

Stidjens Addendum I Heroes of Terrinoth

When you’re driving in your plain car you can easily imagine how quickly a Ferrari would get you from A to B; when you’re washing dishes by hand you wish you had a dishwasher to take all this work out of your hands – literally. Seeing something, knowing something, also means seeing opportunities to improve. I decided to try applying this to board games. Welcome to Stidjen’s Addendum – Heroes of Terrinoth edition. 

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Heroes of Terrinoth – a solo review

Heroes of Terrinoth Stidjen Plays Solo.png

It seems there is always something afoot in the lands of Terrinoth. Wraiths stalk the wastes, goblins lurk just about everywhere, and in the mountains are dungeons that contain secrets and enemies you can hardly imagine. Welcome to Terrinoth – a land in dire need of heroes. Will you step up? Continue reading Heroes of Terrinoth – a solo review

Palm Island – a solo review

Palm Island Stidjen Plays Solo 1.png

Imagine you’re on a holiday destination – you have your sun, swimming opportunities aplenty, an alcoholic beverage in hand and not a care in the world. Except one: you’d really like to play a boardgame outside, but you don’t have the people to play it with. Or the space. This used to be a problem for solo gamers, until last year, when Portal Dragon gave us Palm Island Continue reading Palm Island – a solo review

The thing about Anachrony

Stidjen Plays Solo Anachrony 1

We came back through time to warn them. They are us and we are them. Our world was destroyed by the impact of a meteor. We broke time in order to tell them. To save them. Will our efforts be enough or are they in vein? Continue reading The thing about Anachrony

Friday – a solo review

Friday Stidjen Plays Solo 1

Every day you walk along the shore in search of whatever the sea has up for grabs that particular morning. Sometimes driftwood, sometimes sea shells, but most of the time it’s those useless – and painful, if you’re not careful – jellyfish. Until today! Is that… a man? He is still alive! But why is he hugging his knees and rocking softly in the sand? Is he… weeping? Oh dear. Let’s help this poor soul. Continue reading Friday – a solo review

Gaia Project – a solo (Automa) review


There is only earth, and we are the only sentient species in the universe. Good lord, how ignorant we used to be! We are but a small speck in an infinitely large cosmos, and a species that barely makes a dent in said cosmos. If we, as a species, want to be more than that, we have to venture out, expand and explore. Henceforth, our efforts shall be named: the Gaia Project. Continue reading Gaia Project – a solo (Automa) review