Legacy of Dragonholt – a solo review

Your friend Celyse needs your help! She has enlisted your help, but she has done so in a way not like her at all – in a letter full of spelling errors. That’s suspicious coming from a renowned scholar, to say the least! What has happened? And how can you help? But first, you’ll need to figure out for yourself who you are. How will you immerse yourself in the world of Terrinoth? Open the books of Legacy of Dragonholt and start writing your story.

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Roll Player: Monsters and Minions – a solo review

You didn’t think you were there, did you? Being prepared for adventure is, well, only the half of it, really. Whether you are a fierce gnome warrior, a tricksy dark elf thief or a bloodthirsty vampire – at the end of the day, your skills mean nothing if you cannot employ them. You’re like a beautiful painting without eyes to behold it. You are made for adventure and glory, so go out there and have some!

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Roll Player – a solo review

Mighty heroes don’t just appear out of thin air — you must create them! The creation of a hero is a fickle process – part fate, part luck, part determination… but definitely part luck. So it should not come as a surprise that the unique character creation process in Roll Player is somewhat reliant on the luck and randomness of dice… Although you’d be a fool not to acknowledge that these dice, just like fate itself, can be steered by powerful forces. Like you!

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Eila and Something Shiny – a Kickstarter preview

Deep in the forest, an innocent rabbit girl – Eila – is attracted by something shiny on the hill. With courage and passion, she sets out on a journey to find the mysterious light. You can be her mentor, helping her make the right choices and bearing the consequences of each.

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Mutants – a solo review

Problems look a lot less scary when you can simplify the world into one big jigsaw puzzle; even more so when you look at creatures, humans and other beings as building blocks you can tear apart and build back up again. No, that’s not inhuman or unethical; it’s practical, and elevating – you’re mutating them into better beings. If anything, you did them a favor!

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Dungeon Alliance adventure packs – a solo review

You thought you were out – but are you ever, really? The dungeon beckons you, whispering of countless dark secrets and unimaginable treasures for you to discover. The threat of death is barely audible over the fame you imagine when you make it out… after all, you managed it before. So gather your Dungeon Alliance back together for a new adventure!

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Old love, new love – comparing Marvel to Magic

As some of you might know, before I dove into boardgames I was all about the collectible card game Magic the Gathering. Sure, me and my friends played the occasional board game, but MTG was where it’s at. Well, was – I think it’s more than three years ago since we last played on a consistent basis. Luckily I have other games to play – like Marvel Champions! As I was browsing through old MTG decks to sell, I was thinking of parallels and differences between these two card games. And that’s where this blog comes from.

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Zona – a solo review

More than radioactive fallout, the nuclear zone around Chernobyl (‘Zona’) has been shrouded in mystery even more. After that horrible accident, things started happening that should not happen. Illegal, illogical, and imminently dangerous. Those, however, have never deterred the brave to cross forbidden borders.

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Gloom of Kilforth – a solo review

Tales of an ancient evil, lurking in the purgatory between our reality and other unspeakable ones, are spreading through Kilforth. Meanwhile, you have been enlisted for an honorable quest. While you are traversing the lands, you spot certain… abnormalities. Entire regions falling into gloom. Regions, people, are tainted. Maybe there is a connection… but if there is, what does that mean for the future of Kilforth?

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The Bloody Inn – a solo review

You’re on the road in a foreign country. Dusk is setting in and you need a place for the night. Maybe it wasn’t such a good idea after all to drive past the last town you’ve seen for miles. It’s too late to turn around. You’re pondering how comfy the back seat would be for a night when you see lights up ahead. It’s not another car – you haven’t seen those for miles either – it’s an inn! Full of excitement you drive up the lawn, get your stuff and knock on the door. Why is that innkeeper looking at me like I’m a juicy steak, though?

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