Altar Quest – a solo review

Dungeons are no place for a picknick. The dungeons or Aridika are no different. While their layout may evoke feelings of nostalgia, its villains and threats are very current indeed. Still, adventurers gonna adventure, and crawlers gonna crawl. Priceless treasures, powerful rune magick and ancient foes await you. So into the dungeon we go!

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Cthulhu: Death May Die – a solo review

I generally despise action-packed blockbuster movies, but I wouldn’t turn down a chance to star in one. If you feel the same, then Cthulhu: Death May Die is the game for you. It’s beer and pretzels instead of wine and French cheese; it’s the action-filled pulp flick instead of a cultivated project with witty dialogue and deeper meaning. There is no deeper meaning here – it’s all about hitting the ground running until either your team or the Old One is D-E-A-D-dead. Sometimes that’s all you need – saving the multiverse, one cliche horror trope at a time.

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Apex Theropod Collected Edition – a solo review

Let’s not speak of the dinosaurs and their demise – let us instead go back to a time where countless dino species roamed the globe, fighting for survival, unbeknownst of their impending doom at the hands of an indistinct meteor impact. Aeons before Charles Darwin ever existed, these primeval critters were living proof of evolution every single day of their lives. In an ever-evolving food chain, adaptation was key – which brings us to Apex Theropod Collected Edition, which translates this struggle into a dynamic deck building game.

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The Isle of Cats – a solo review

Apparently the evil Lord Vesh does not like cats one bit. He is on a mission to purge all cat’s from Squall’s End. It is up to you to save as many cool cats and kittens as you can from this feline foe – of course, doing this in a very strict and orderly fashion, precisely as cats’ behaviour. All aboard! But wait, who’s that… that’s not… could it be? Why, it’s your little sister, and she looks like she’s up to no good! What is she doing on your boat?

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Ruins: Death Binder – a solo review

Nameless, faceless, without a past nor a notion of the future ahead you awaken in a dark dungeon, haunted by horrible creatures around every corner. You have only have a vague lighter shade of darkness ahead of you to guide you amidst a sea of darkness. Once your eyes have adjusted, you see the unearthly monstrosities that have been stalking you. You’re gonna have to fight your way out if you ever want to see daylight again.

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Aeon’s End: Outcasts – a solo review

Once again, Gravehold needs you to save it from impending doom. Xaxos has brought the Maelstrom to New Gravehold, the churning void that spawned a lot of all the bad things that happened to the world. We need to move forward – and as it turns out, forward means into the void. Embrace the danger – it might save you.

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Everdell – a solo review

As the day breaks the golden sun casts its smooth rays of light upon the charming valley of Everdell. You wake when the first beams tenderly caress your face. Drat! You have overslept. As the mayor of Everdell, it is your task to make your village thrive every single day. Rise and shine, sunshine! Time to make the best of what this day has to offer. Oh, what a gorgeous day to be alive!

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Under Falling Skies – a solo review

All of a sudden, the sky started falling. Quite literally. From one moment to the next, alien spaceships invaded earth’s airspace and started destroying cities. Humanity unites in a valiant effort to stop the alien invasion and turn the tide. Skilled astronauts and fighter pilots are employed to defend capital cities around the world while researchers look for ways to banish this threat once and for all. What role will you take in this global crisis?

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Folded Space inserts – an accessory review

A game is not just a game – it is a way to escape everyday life, a chance to tickle your brain, and a way to experience an adventure in places beyond your imagination. A board game is also a physical product, and sometimes those are more geared towards play rather than towards efficient storage, setup and teardown. That is where third party inserts like those from Folded Space come in. They provide an easy storage solution that fits into the box, can hold sleeved cards, and greatly increases the ease of setting up and storing a game. Today I will take a look at some Folded Space inserts and what I think of them.

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Age of Tyranny – a solo review

Apparently, the Gearloc Council is never satisfied. One might call them greedy, even. Or perhaps bloodthirsty – maybe masochistic? Are they getting overconfident in you, the one who’s been mumbling to themselves about the Council? But wouldn’t that make *them* the fool? Whichever way the cookie crumbles, their decision is resolute: you shall venture forth and banish the evil Tyrants from Daelore, once and for all. The Age of Tyranny is on the verge of being vanquished!

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